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Friday, August 26, 2005

Pond Turtle Burrowing in Garden, Laying Eggs?

Well I have one Large Red Eared Slider, I am assuming a female but not %100 sure, that keeping in the pond has become a game of cat and mouse so to speak! I catch her put her back, then she watches as I walk away gives me a few minutes, then gets out and starts looking for another place to burrow.
After researching some, and getting some great help from the message board at the turtles group link on my page to thr right, I figured she might be carrying eggs and looking to burrow and lay eggs. So I watched where she went, she watched me too-lol, and when I saw where she burrowed herself I figure I let nature be.
Well after a few weeks I got nervous she was ok, dug her out. she like most sliders I have learned, will burrow to lay their eggs about a inch deep in loose mulch. So After digging her out and seeing she was ok, I put her back in the pond, I feed her and she ate like crazy for 5 minutes. The next morning she was gone again, I found her near the same spot she went last time, put her back and fed her again, and she again devoured for 5 minutes. I went inside for maybe 5 minutes and came out to find her strolling through my shrubs into my garden. Then I followed her and watched her burrow again. (SEE PICTURES). Going to give her a week, if nothing I think I have to take her to a HERP VET and see if she is impacted with the eggs. I would love to have baby turtles, but then again I would love for this big one to be ok and stay in the pond! :-)
3 out of 4 of my turtles (3 sliders, 1 painter) stay put like clockwork, they will sun along the banks of the pond and stream, but have never wandered off like the big slider. Well stay tune to see what happens next?

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