My So Called Pond Life

Welcome to my blog of my backyard Watergarden & Pond. Here you will find tons of pictures of my Pond & Water Garden, Waterfalls, Stream, Turtles, Frogs, Koi, Plants & other Local SO Cal Wildlife that stop in to visit my little ecosystem, plus links to ponds groups, info, and supplies. See how the pond grows over time, & feel free to ask any ?'s you may have about the build, maintance, & costs of building your own backyard pond!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pond Edging & Landscaping around upper Pond

Ok after I redid the edging for the stream, I just had to keep going. I have some more Ideas ahead but I did this quick little fix last weekend. I like the way the new Cypress I planted blends with the one that was growing in the water, I also like how tthe stream banking continues and wraps around the upper pond on the backside. A quick fix only cost me around $30, $10 for the rock and $20 for the big Cypress. Anyway check it out and let me knwo what you think!

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