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Welcome to my blog of my backyard Watergarden & Pond. Here you will find tons of pictures of my Pond & Water Garden, Waterfalls, Stream, Turtles, Frogs, Koi, Plants & other Local SO Cal Wildlife that stop in to visit my little ecosystem, plus links to ponds groups, info, and supplies. See how the pond grows over time, & feel free to ask any ?'s you may have about the build, maintance, & costs of building your own backyard pond!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summer Bloom

Well summer is here and the pond is really in full bloom. Everything has really taken off, I cant believe it has only been ust over a year since I built the pond. The edging has all grown in even nicer then I imagined. My water lilies have been flowering more then last year, a few of the other plants like the Cypress have just gone berserk. Ive had to repot a few more then once in just over a year. Turtles are still happy, The Bull Frogs are absoultely huge now, I only see them at sunset and at night but It adds a little something when you never know what you will see and when! My minnows have started to spawn again, I have seen a dozen or so babies in the last few days, lets see how many last, not sure if the Koi eat them as well, but man have my Koi gotten huge as well. they look like mini submarines speeding up to the surface come feeding time! lol Other then that all my water lettuce from last year Died away, got a few more this year and already its starting to overtake the pond. I think I need to find another floater that doesnt grow as fast, or at least find some people who can come and take some water lettuce once it goes into its berserk growth phase in a few weeks! Ill add some more pictures in the next few days, been trying to figure out how to add video, so stay tuned for that. Happy Ponding!

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