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Welcome to my blog of my backyard Watergarden & Pond. Here you will find tons of pictures of my Pond & Water Garden, Waterfalls, Stream, Turtles, Frogs, Koi, Plants & other Local SO Cal Wildlife that stop in to visit my little ecosystem, plus links to ponds groups, info, and supplies. See how the pond grows over time, & feel free to ask any ?'s you may have about the build, maintance, & costs of building your own backyard pond!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Winter Nears

As Winter nears the pond has gone basically dormat! Funny how here in So Cal we get a week of warm weather and the pond want to start growing again! I had a few late blooms from some of my bog plants long after I thought they had died back for the winter! :-) My Water Lettuce thankfully has died back as well, Now I know why its illegal in so many places, a few of those suckers will multiply and take over the entire pond if you let them! Other then that been fighting Fall and its leaves! AUGH! I feel I am out there once or twice a day scouping leaves off the surface and bottom!

Also we had a Pond MALFUNCTION recently. My Pump, which I just got this year, died on us. Had to go get a new one and replace it in the dark of night! lol Anyway all the Koi survived but I did have one who I thouhgt I lost since its basically beached itself in the stream! I poked at it with my finger it didnt move, I picked it up and its flopped out of my hand. Swam upside down for a while but it now seems fine? Koi are a strange breed I must say! Other then that I will try and some new photos real soon, everything has grown in real nicely. We just had a birthday party for my daughter and everyone was raving about the pond. Most couldnt believe I did it myself! Makes you feel good for your work to be appreciated thats for sure, and Im always trying to talk friends into doing "their" ponds! lol

Happy Holidays fellow Ponders!

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