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Welcome to my blog of my backyard Watergarden & Pond. Here you will find tons of pictures of my Pond & Water Garden, Waterfalls, Stream, Turtles, Frogs, Koi, Plants & other Local SO Cal Wildlife that stop in to visit my little ecosystem, plus links to ponds groups, info, and supplies. See how the pond grows over time, & feel free to ask any ?'s you may have about the build, maintance, & costs of building your own backyard pond!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Real Cost

The Cost of building my pond-well lets just say it wasnt cheap--and I reused alot of recycled materials to build it! anyway I thought it Might help some to see some of the costs incurred in building a pond! You could always do it cheaper, there are so many says to build a pond, from a Pond Kit with everything you need for a small pond, to prefab ponds at local Home Supplies Stores, there are more ways to build a pond then you can imagine! anyway here is a breakdown of my est costs


Liner---50ft by 12ft $300
Pump -1500GpH--$160
Pump Hose 25ft--$10
Skimpy Filter-pvc/filter material/silcone/etc--$125
Waterfall Foam--3 cans---$35
different chemicals--$40
Gravel-River Rock-15-20bags--$90
Rocks-$50 **Note I used broken concrete from a patio I took out--you can spend up anywhere from $200-$600 on rock to line the edges-depending on what you use
Water Lillies--4--$150
Other Water plants--$100
Fish Turtle Food--Around $30 every 2 months
Landscape Plants-_Cactus, Succulents, etc--$400
Labor--Free--me and a few days with the brother in law to lay liner

Total--$1605.00 and counting dailly--LOL :-)

Im sure there are a few things I missed--but thats all I can think of at the moment! Hope that doesnt scare anyone because IMHO its all been more then worth it

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